Social Media Overload, or how my Twitter spilled onto my Google + and contaminated my Facebook

“Your peanut butter Google Plus is in my chocolate Facebook!!!”

If you’re old enough to remember who shot J.R. 1,  you may remember the Reese’s commercial  referenced above.  (TLDR/W: a boy and a girl “meet cute” by accidentally mixing up their chocolate and peanut butter).

I missed the initial Google + hoopla ’cause my back was out.  The “invite only” reminded me a little of Google Wave, not to mention 7th grade gym class (eep). I didn’t want to be left out, even though I wasn’t 100% sure what the “cool kids” were doing.

I use social media to keep up with library and information-related developments.  I’m already having issues with cross-pollination between Twitter and my RSS feeds.  Now Google + is adding a whole new layer of “AAAAGH!” to that.   Maybe if I didn’t have a tendency to add RSS  feeds and librarians like crazy, that wouldn’t be an issue.

I have 2 Facebook accounts (one for work, one for family). I mainly use these  to stay current with Facebook since it is so popular with college students.

I have a Twitter account where I follow 599 people and organizations, about 80% of whom are librarians or other information professionals.  I follow over 100 RSS feeds, about 70% of them library and/or tech-related.  I occasionally visit FriendFeed.  There’s lots of overlap here.  I may just use Google + for library-related stuff, if I continue to use it at all.

If you’re not on Google+ yet but you’re curious, here’s a good blog post about it from Agnostic, Maybe.

1 Spoiler alert: It was Kristen.

Addendum (added July 9):
I should mention that I’ve got 850+ Twitter favorites to plow through. The most I’ve had is 1300…the least was 300. I can’t even load them all onto a single page.
Also, after I wrote this entry, I found a post on “How Google + ends social networking fatigue.”


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