So I finally got an eReader….

Nook e-reader

Nook e-reader

Or is it an e-Reader? Or possibly an e-reader?

Recently I was lucky enough to be re-gifted a black and white Nook for Christmas. Despite my interest in shiny new things, I had put off getting one for some time.

a) I’m  frugal

b) I could always read e-books on my iPod Touch,

c) I’m concerned about e-books and the digital divide.

d) Past experiences trying to read e-books  on a computer screen had not impressed me.

e) I hated the idea of possibly not being able to control access to e-books I’d purchased. I’d heard about Amazon deleting illegal copies of 1984 (of all things) from Kindles .  When you buy a print book, it’s yours and that’s the end of it.

One month later…

The good. So far, I like the Nook.  I can definitely see the appeal of getting a book delivered to you instantly.

It uses e-ink and is backlit, so there’s no eye strain.

You can read library books on it, if you have online access to a library with Overdrive.

The bad. It doesn’t have 3G–not a big deal. A bigger deal? I can’t download free e-books from the Project Gutenberg site. I can do this with my iPod Touch, if I use the Kindle app.

The ugly. Unfortunately for me, the closest library with Overdrive is 70 miles away, and requires a resident library card for access. (OK, OK, so that’s really not the Nook’s fault). Even with this access, I’d have to download Overdrive’s software on my computer, find a book that wasn’t checked out, download it to my computer, and *then* transfer it to my device.

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2 thoughts on “So I finally got an eReader….

  1. You can’t download Project Gutenberg books? I’ve found that if I download the epub file to a folder on my computer where I keep my free books, and then transfer them to the My Documents folder on my Nook, it works just fine. I haven’t tried saving directly to the Nook.

    Sucks about not having a local library, though. I got mine entirely because my local library had access. Well, that and it was a very lightly-used model that a friend sold me at a discount. I know there’s a site in the works which will help people connect with people who own the Nook (or Kindle, etc) book they want to borrow so that they can lend it for 2 weeks.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I should have said, I can’t use the Nook to go to the Project Gutenberg
    site and download books straight to the device, without a computer. Sorry for the confusion.

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