Batgirl, the librarian

The above is a Youtube clip of a Batgirl pilot that someone forwarded to me recently. Check it out! (pun intended)

Some of my favorite parts:

  • “Gotham city abounds in girls of all shapes and sizes.”  (Seriously?!)
  • The librarian’s daffodil-like ensemble
  • “I’m afraid he’s kept you under wraps far too long.”  She’s a person, not a present!
  • “Isn’t that your youthful ward?”
  • “The other gentleman is my millionaire friend.”
  • The villains’ odd (and matching) hatwear and powder-blue outfits.  Because nothing says “villainous” like…powder blue.
  • The unsubtle tête-à-tête by the bookcase
  • The sign above the clock — SILENCE
  • Batgirl’s “pose and spin” on top of the bookcase

Questions? Comments? Recipes? Limericks?

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