Instruction stats

I’ve been tallying up my instruction statistics.  At the end of each school year, as part of the library strategic plan, the departments compile their statistics for the year:  how many books were checked out, how many students and classes taught, how many times the databases were accessed, etc.  My stats currently look something like this:

instruction stats

Instruction Stats, July-December 2009

AgEd = Agricultural Education
COMS = Communications
DGS  =  Department of General Studies
EDU = Education
ENG =  English
GET REAL = High school program
READ = Reading

The blacked-out section is the list of instructor names.

I’m not finished yet, but it breaks down to something like the following:

  • 27 individual sessions
  • 7 different subjects
  • 16 instructors
  • 400 + students

After each session, I fill out an Instruction Sheet with the following information:

Number of students
Additional Information

I have several points of record that I need to check for consistency:

1. Microsoft Outlook calendar: This is where my supervisor gets the records.  I usually enter the 3 digit course abbreviation and the instructor’s last name.  She also checks the room reservation system to ensure the classroom isn’t double-booked.  I generally use the reservation system once to enter the information and check it only as needed.

2.  Instruction sheets, physical:Typed and printed after the session.  I submit one to my supervisor and file one for future reference, along with accompanying class materials.

3.  Instruction sheets, virtual: Computer version of the above, saved in a file folder several layers deep: INSTRUCTION-> Instruction Forms From Past Sessions–> Subject–> Instructor’s Name–> Subject_Instructor_Date.doc

4. Daily planner: I haven’t done a very good job with this.  Ideally I’d block out the time devoted to the session, and note the course name, instructor, and number of students attended.  I usually only do the first two, but will enter more information from now on.

I’m a little irritated with myself because I found a couple of physical sheets that have no virtual equivalent stored in the proper place.

In future I’d like to ensure that the four check points all include the following:

  • Date/Time/Place
  • Instructor/Course Abbreviation/# of students attended

That’s not really so much to ask, and it will save me time at the end of the semester (like now, for instance).


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