Library instruction

I found a really great post on the ACRL blog recently, called “Maintaining Your Instruction Mojo.”
It spoke to me because I’ve had lots of classes lately  Although instruction prep can be time-consuming, I like frequent sessions–they reduce my anxiety about getting up in front of people sans costume and lines written by a playwright.  :0)

One of the recs in the blog post above is to keep up with technology. I may get an  iPod touch so I can keep up with apps.  I don’t want to shell out $2,000 for an iPhone (total cost for the first two years, not including apps of course).

This morning I wanted to show one of our circ workers a new database that has GRE practice tests on it.  He logged into his computer, bringing up the Circulation home screen, which I never use.  I really got a taste of what the average student must feel like when they visit the  library website–or any site, really– for the first time.  I had no idea what any of the links meant or what to do next, and it was not a good feeling.


Questions? Comments? Recipes? Limericks?

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