Why Libraries Kick A**


(Not a comprehensive list, BTW).

1.  They are the cheapest way to travel through space (and time!).  Sail around the globe with Ishmael on his doomed quest for Moby Dick.  Explore the pyramids. Swoon over Romeo and Juliet’s forbidden love.
You get the idea.

2.  You can take books home with you (as long as you return them) for FREE.

3.  You can take movies, music and audiobooks home with you (as long as you return them) for free.

4.  Lots of libraries have community classes on finding a job, using the internet, and more.

5.  Reading programs and book clubs.

6.  Art galleries and performance spaces.

7.  Free information.  Free free free.

8.  Internet/wireless access.

9.  Downloadable items you don’t have to leave your house for. (It is OK to end some sentences with a preposition).

10.  Tax forms (well….). Voting booths.

11. Free, friendly help without hidden agendas and not-s0-hidden sales pitches.

12.  No censorship (on the page). Note: you may want to get your internet freak on elsewhere. There’s an “L” in public for a reason.

13.  Quiet areas.

14. Coffee.

15.  Literature. Drama. Satire. Poetry. Prose. Biography. History. Romance. Mystery. Fact. Fiction.

16. Newspapers, magazines, and journals, oh my!

*17.  The staff wont suck up to you so that you will buy something.  They may suck up to you so that you will  get something free.

What did I leave out?

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