Library tours and instruction

Tomorrow I’m going to give a  wildlife management class a tour of the library and some instruction.  I’d like to have the students find specific library items.  Hopefully it will go well.  I have about fifty minutes so the session will probably go something like this:


2.Explanation of basic library services

3.Overview of resources available on web page, including:
contact info, ask-a-librarian, subject guides, databases by subject,
SFX, library catalog, citing sources.

4. How to use library catalog to find an item

5. Very quick database demo

6. Divide students into groups to find items: one group will find a book, another a print periodical, etc.

Hmm. It doesn’t seem like I’ll have enough time for all of this.  Part of the issue is that many of them will get another library session when they are in their English classes, and the teacher is anxious to avoid having them sit through the same material twice.  I also don’t want to overwhelm with info, but that’s hard not to do in a “one-shot” session.


Questions? Comments? Recipes? Limericks?

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