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Today someone came in looking for a very specific piece of the Texas Administrative Code.   I was a bit flummoxed at first.  As it turns out they wanted a print copy of the Texas Administrative Code for a specific time period in the 1990s.  The item is held in another library with a similar name to this one–only the other library is several hundred miles away.

I went to Texas Online,  and clicked on the government link near the top.


On the next page. I clicked on Laws and Criminal Justice, then on Laws, Codes and Statutes.



Then I clicked on Texas Administrative Code….

texas register

and Search Texas Administrative Code on the right.



I typed in the numbers the person had written down but it took us a while to figure out which numbers were chapters, subchapters, or rules.  We could not find the exact number given.  Even if we had, the information wanted was from the 1990s and we were looking online at the most current version of the code.

Unfortunately, this person doesn’t have a way to get to the other library which has the Texas Administrative Code (including this particular section, and time period, in print).

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