High school students and databases

Our university has a program where advanced high school students stay in a dorm and take college-level courses. Last week they got a tour of the library and an overview of our online resources (“These are our databases…etc”).

They don’t have library card privileges so we suggested they use TexShare. Unfortunately, some of them are from distant parts of the state so they can’t just hop down to their local library. They do have log on privileges, though, so they can still access items online.

Because of my previous negative experiences with at-risk students, I wondered how engaged these students would be. Fortunately, they were pretty great, and I had fun showing them around.

Today I did some follow-up instruction. As I came into the computer lab, one of the teachers introduced me briefly and I heard a student sigh out, “Again?” “Yup!” I said, with a big grin.

I highlighted our  links and helped with individual database searches. I also gave them the “plagiarism is stealing” mini-speech.

Later on some students came in with follow-up questions, so hopefully the session was useful.


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