Preserving family archives

Recently there was a staff training session on preserving family archives. Some of the information I already knew, such as using acid-free paper and mylar sleeves but there was new stuff too, like how you can use dental floss to *gently* remove old photos glued to album pages. We also got a booklet from Gaylord with preservation information.

I tried to type as inconspicuously as possible. Here are my notes:

use filmoplast not scotch tape
don’t laminate
don’t use heat
use mylar sleeves or L sleeve
use pencil (stivilo?)
wheat starch paste
japanese paper
double sided tape
don’t encapsulate pencil drawings
be careful w/ matte & frames
migrate media ev. 5-10 yrs
store vhs on end with rewound tape on bottom–don’t rewind–puts tension on tape
be careful w/ magnetic media & magnets
cds & bacteria

conservation=active treatment
preservation=provide + environment

sublimation chamber–water goes from solid to gas (?) no liquid

everything u do should be reversible
don’t try repairing film yrslf

use spec archival acid-free boxes

‘Creative Memories’
‘digital scrapbooking’

avoid rubber bands & paper clips
acid free paper can be used as buffer


2 thoughts on “Preserving family archives

  1. The pencils (for writing on the backs of photos) are Stabilo brand. You can get them at Michael’s; probably other places too. They also work on glass, plastic, and metal.

  2. Oh, OK. Thanks!! :0)

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